I just want to say a huge thank you to you Joelle who has not only helped me with the physical issues but also my overall wellbeing. I started seeing Joelle in August this year after coming off birth control medication. I had been suffering with severe cystic acne and hormonal imbalances. I was at a very low point in my life and had reduced confidence and self-esteem. To complicate things further I have a pituitary adenoma and was diagnosed with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). I had not had a period for 5 months and was beginning to lose hope that my dreams of having a family were not going to be fulfilled. With Joelle's help, support and guidance we used a combination of herbal and homeopathic remedies alongside healing sessions. Within a few months I had regular periods, lost 10 kilograms, my skin improved dramatically and am now full of vitality and energy. Joelle's patience and dedication to her clients is testament to her outstanding results. I would highly recommend a consultation with Joelle because without her I would not be on this journey to health and happiness.

Karina. V


My son Otis is nearly two and a half years old, and is a bright and sociable boy. He was brain damaged during his birth due to lack of oxygen, and consequently has cerebral palsy. He is exclusively tube fed, firstly through a nasal gastric tube till he was 1 and a half, and then through a mic key button in his tummy. He can roll over on the floor and is learning to sit and wants to learn to crawl and walk.

Joelle has been a very important part of our journey, and every time Otis sees her, (and receives a remedy), he is a little better off for it afterwards. Often a little bit more relaxed. He seems a little bit more ‘big boy’ somehow.

One day when we came home from our appointment with Joelle, Otis was just the same as before our appointment. I didn’t understand what was going on, and that was when I first realised that I expected Otis to be different after we came home from Joelle’s. And he was not different that day. His hands were still closed in tight fists. And then I spotted the tiny pillule that Joelle had given him, stuck in the wool on the chest of his vest. He had spat it straight out! Now I understood.

When he was 1 and a half years old he had undescended testes and no teeth, (but had long had lumpy sore looking gums). He was coming up for mic key surgery, and the medical professionals planned to perform another surgery at the same time to bring down his testicles. Joelle gave me homeopathic remedies for him and within a week he had both testes down, and 4 teeth through. I am so grateful that his body can be prompted to do this naturally, saving him having an extra surgical procedure with several incisions.

I am eternally grateful to Joelle for all these reasons and so many more. She is a true healer, and I feel very lucky to have found her.

Jane/ Mother


We were advised that our daughter would not walk, talk, swallow or eat.  She was born 11 weeks premature and suffered severe level 3 brain hypoxia at birth.  We are still heavily on our journey of recovery, however we can comfortably say that we are on the way to recovery.  This is due to the support of Joelle in conjunction with other modalities.  Currently our daughter is 10 months old and is starting to sit, is rolling, talking (lots), starting to take little tastes of food, she is starting to laugh and amazes us everyday with all of the new things she is discovering about herself.  We had a very difficult first winter due to pneumonia and influenza A, we have managed to avoid ongoing respiratory infections with Joelle's help.  We can not thank her enough for her support and hope that other families can benefit as we have and continue to.

Emma L./ Mother- Dunedin


My family and I are incredibly grateful for Joelle's support, wisdom, time and care.  The impact she has had on our daughters health is vast.  Joelle has always believed in our daughters ability to overcome so much adversary.  Her unwavering support has been invaluable, especially through some very tough times (her laughter has helped pick me up through these dark days as well).  I have recommended Joelle to many people and will continue to, especially when they comment on how well our daughter is doing.  Thank you Joelle - you are amazing!

Anna Corby/Mother

Dannielle was born at 25 weeks weighing just 574g. Five weeks leading up to her birth she had little to no fluid so her outlook on life was slim with severe chronic lung disease. She fought hard every minute, every hour, everyday and she has done and is doing incredibly well and we believe this is partly owed to Joelle's homeopathy. As soon as we began treatment Dannielle improved, progressed and impressed the medical staff. She was always calm and slept amazing and weaned oxygen support and heart medication rapidly and beautifully. Even when we encountered our first chest infection her turn around amazed the doctors. Joelle is a huge part of our neonatal and paediatric journey with Dannielle. She is highly recommended to families facing medical journeys with their babies. It's special you being able to do something for your child alongside their medical treatment, most of the time you feel helpless but this is something you can do to help. Much love and respect for an incredibly talented and caring woman.

Rosa Hannah/Mother

I came to Joelle with severe eye inflammation for which I had been treated for nearly a month with orthodox medical prescriptions, ranging from antibiotics to antihistamine drops and ointments, all to no avail. My treatment from Joelle involved the most amazing discussion of aspects of my life that were troubling and unresolved, a diagnosis of high-acid levels in my digestive system and a local remedy for the eyes. I came away from the first session feeling so light of heart and reassured that I knew that my symptoms would vanish as the physical remedy took effect – that is, that the basic causes of my anxiety were being addressed in these consultations. And this indeed is what did happen. In the fifteen months since I have had no return of the eye problems and my whole system feels balanced and calmed. 

Sue Hancock Teacher/Writer

Joelle Smaniotto-Gorton is a very proficient Homeopath and "Equilibrium" Therapist. I have worked with her over 5 years now and have appreciated the accuracy with her assessments and prompt effect of the remedy chosen. Joelle is very personable, and has relaxed air about her, making our appointments very enjoyable. Her caring nature ensures she will go the extra mile for me, enabling me to feel supported thoughtfully.

I adore Joelle and her many talents and do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone, in fact I hand out her business cards to anyone in need!

Emma Ryburn, BHSc, HypnoBirthing Educator and founder of Mothers Milk NZ

Joelle is a naturally gifted and intuitively guided homeopath. Her rich knowledge and practise of homeopathy has been helpful to my family and I in healing both acute and chronic medical conditions. Joelle's love and passion for homeopathy has made a huge difference to the quality of my life and to those I love.

Debra Taylor R.N

When you go to Equilibrium Homeopathy I recommend that you write down a list of your ailments because after the treatment you receive you won't remember that there was anything wrong with you. You will have a thorough and caring consultation. You will feel true concern for your well-being and your well-being will improve! Go to Joelle for the treatment of minor and major ailments. I would seek her out for the treatment of earache in your child and dementia in your grandma. She will support you with your depression, anxiety, neurosis or insect bites. I recommend Joelle and Equilibrium Homeopathy without hesitation.

Sarah Pepilini, Communications Coordinator

For several years our family have greatly benefitted from the positive experiences of Joelle's treatments - from everyday stress solutions to more serious injury traumas. She possesses exceptional patience and empathy that compliment her homeopathic skills from which we have all benefitted, as have many friends and colleagues we recommend to her. 

Michael & Shireen Drew